Eligibility requirements

The OM SYSTEM TEST & WOW loaner program is organized by OM Digital Solutions Americas, Inc. and offered by participating dealers. The TEST & WOW platform is run by OM Digital Solutions Americas, Inc. and helps you find the closest dealer for the OM SYSTEM products you would like to test. The terms of the product loan will be between you and the dealer. This document only contains information about the program and its requirements. For more details, please contact your local participating dealer.

With the TEST & WOW program, consumers have the chance to test and play with OM SYSTEM products for a period of time free of charge. Consumers can check the availability of a product via the TEST & WOW platform or at a participating local dealer. OM Digital Solutions Americas, Inc. does not guarantee the actual availability of the products, as availability would be dependent on dealer product inventory and on a first come first serve basis. To borrow an OM SYSTEM product, you will be required to enter into a loan contract between you and the participating dealer. This loan contract will be arranged through the TEST & WOW platform. Dealers may require a security deposit for the TEST & WOW program when you pick-up the products. This is at the discretion of the dealer.

Terms and conditions of TEST & WOW:

The TEST & WOW program is only available on select OM SYSTEM products, which may change from time to time.

In order to take part in the TEST & WOW program, the following requirements have to be fulfilled:
  1. 1. The customer must be over 18 and have permanent residence in the United States.

  2. 2. The customer must create or already have an OM SYSTEM TEST & WOW account. Terms & Conditions and data privacy have to be agreed to, which can be found at:

  3. https://explore.omsystem.com/us/en/privacy

  4. https://explore.omsystem.com/us/en/termsofuse

  5. 3. The customer must have proper identification (driver’s license or photo ID). At the discretion of the dealer, credit card information or a security deposit may be required.

  6. 4. A signed TEST & WOW loan contract between the customer and dealer is required.

  7. 5. Any use of the OM SYSTEM products shall only be for private use for your own benefit (as opposed to a commercial use).

For additional information, please contact Test.Wow@OM-Digitalsolutions.com

Data privacy:

For both the preparation and execution of the loan contract with the dealer, the provision of personal data by the customer is required. By registering for the OM SYSTEM TEST & WOW program, agreeing to the OM Digital Solutions Americas, Inc. privacy policy, and opting in to receive tips, news and emails from OM Digital Solutions Americas, Inc.; you expressly agree that OM Digital Solutions Americas, Inc. may use the data given for the purposes stated within the respective program or policy. Additionally, we will share your data with the participating dealer in order to facilitate, promote or improve the TEST & WOW program. You may revoke your consent to receive OM Digital Solutions Americas, Inc. information and materials at any time by following the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of an OM Digital Solutions Americas, Inc. communication or by emailing Test.Wow@OM-Digitalsolutions.com. The revocation will apply from such revocation date forward.